Bands Club

Bands Club Meeting

Bands Club meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of every month in the band room. See the Calendar for the time of our next Bands Club meeting. We hope to see you there!

Bands Club Officers

Listed below are Bands Club Officers and Committee Chairs for the 2017-2018 school year.

Board Officers

Position Name Phone
Band Director Alyssa Montgomery 919-870-4297
President Mia Batz 919-760-3455
VP Fund Raising Laura Hutchison 919-539-7508
VP 9th Grade Band Marilyn Haney 919-455-0135
VP Concert Band Melinda Griengl-Schott 815-236-1794
VP Symphonic Band Terri McIrvine 919-426-5969
Treasurer John Haney 919-455-0131
Secretary Heather Clark 919-427-2010
Student Accounts Manager Dawn D’Bella 919-414-0240

Committee Chairs

Position Name Phone
Autobell Fundraiser Mary Warsing 919-602-7026
BBQ Fundraiser Patti Kiel 919-906-1979
College Football Game Coordinator Jim Guettler 919-782-0198
Fruit Sales Karyn Anglero & Jose Ortiz 919-332-4423
Grocery Cards Susan Davis 703-835-5967
Luminary Sales Fundraiser Laura and John Hutchison 919-539-7508
Magazine Sales Fundraiser Mia Batz 919-760-3455
Out–to-Eat Nights Karen Gardner 919-803-9043
Poinsettia Sales Stephanie Marcellino 919-604-3996
Scrip Cards Vicky Kells 919-741-9365
Venue Fundraising Coordinator Jim Guettler 919-782-0198
Chaperones Monica Wilkerson 919-559-6516
Community Service Coordinator Paula Speranza 919-274-6066
Hospitality Symphonic Band Beth Warkentin 919-610-4553
Lori Zagiba 919-741-9934
Hospitality Concert Band Melinda Griengl-Schott 815-236-1794
Michelle Cash 919-637-7202
Hospitality 9th Grade Band Rosanne Powell 919-724-0145
Member Services Debbie Johnson 919-740-6225
Performance-Symphonic Deborah Niehaus 919-323-5032
Beth Welch 919-788-0239
Performance-Concert Connie Wiggins-Price 919-608-6661
Performance-9th Grade Beth Welch 919-788-0239
Photographer Symphonic Band Rob Clark 919-793-8018
Photographer Concert Band Open
Photographer 9th Grade Band Paul Vezzetti 919-426-9684
Pit Crew Chris Tilley 919-632-6446
Transportation Pat Davis 919-819-3697
Videographer Symphonic Band Dan Waller 919-819-4576
Videographer Concert / 9th Grade Band Don Aldridge 410-991-7509
Webmaster Dan Waller 919-819-4576

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